Career Change Internship

How to Change your Life with the Zero to Hero Career Change Elite PRO Internship

Do you feel worn out, exhausted, depleted?
Are your skills, tasks, responsibilities not you?
Does your salary no longer make up for the boredom and emptiness?
Despite making all the right career choices it still feels very wrong?
Do you feel your talents and abilities could/should be used in a more impactful way?
Are you just tired of the same old daily routine and merry go round?
Bored of your 9-5 office job?
Want to explore new horizons?
Are you ready to try something new?
When was the last time you started your day and were excited to go to work?
When was the last time you thought, “I love my job!”?

Maybe it is time to make a career and life style change

you want a complete career change, then go with our Zero to Hero Lifestyle changer Elite PRO package, you can swap your desk job for the beach life, your shirt and tie for a wetsuit, and you will never look back. We will introduce you to the spectacular underwater world of SCUBA diving, guide your personal development as you gain experience and knowledge, and finally prepare you for the life of a diving professional, with endless opportunities for exploration, global travel and adventure, transforming the lives of others by opening their eyes to sights, sounds and experiences they could never have imagined.

Our complete lifestyle changer Elite PRO package takes you from a total beginner to professional diver Zero to Hero in just 12 weeks. at the end of the Elite PRO Internship you will be a fully qualified professional PADI Divemaster, recognized worldwide, with experience to start your new Career change in Scuba Diving.

Live the dream. Sign up for our Zero to Hero Lifeystyle Changer Elite PRO package today, start your life transformation

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You can find out more about each course in the PADI courses section and the  GoPRO Divemaster sections of this website